Empire Events is a unique one-stop-shop business that aims to ease individuals lives by offering stress-free services under the same professional & artistic direction. 

Cynthia Polanco

Cynthia Polanco is a passionate entrepreneur that has started her business in 2014. Coming from the luxury tourism industry as a Private Concierge & Event Planner, she has decided to take her business to a whole other level motivated by her love & passion towards people. Cynthia has has studied Tourism Management at l'Institut de Tourisme et d'Hôtellerie du Québec & possesses extensive work experience overseas & in management. As a visionary, Cynthia projects her business worldwide & desires to provide assistance to anyone in need! 

The Builders


Amanda Colapelle | Executive Assistant & Event Planner

Amanda is receiving her degree in Leisure Sciences with a double Minor in Management and Marketing from Concordia University. She is a dedicated individual and has extensive experience with all administrative tasks including event project management, leadership, public relations, and human relations.

Amanda has experience planning and implementing events ranging from fundraisers and media launches, to large-scale corporate events. She is a passionate worker and is always ready to help!


Rubie Tenorio | Event Planner

Rubie has received her degree in Event Planning from LaSalle College. She is an enthusiastic Event Planner with many experiences in organizing meetings, weddings and large-scale events. Not only is Rubie detailed oriented, but she is also passionate about building relationships. Rubie is a successful leader in sales, budgeting and hospitality industry experience.


Natascha Nobert-Laurin | Public Relations Specialist & Event Planner

Natascha is a passionate and creative individual. She graduated in public relations & is now getting her degree in Communications from Concordia University. She has an extensive background in customer service, media relations, communications, event management & marketing. Communications and PR have always been her forte & she can't get enough of socializing and networking. Natascha is also extremely passionate about the work she does and is always ready to take on any project!


Marianne Durand | Public Relations Specialist

In 2016, Marianne has received her degree in Public Relations at  Université du Québec à Montréal. She has gained considerable experience in assembling and managing alliances to meet communications and public affairs objectives. Marianne is specialized in creative writing, press releases, media kits, social media managing, government and media relations, corporate communications, and events communications planning.


Anna Saviolakis | Social Media Content Creator

Anna Saviolakis is a Montreal based freelance photographer. Her passion for photography began at Dawson College, where she studied Film and Communications for two years. Her passion about creativity, little details, photography & social media are what makes Anna a unique asset to the team!